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What is your sign?

I’m a LEO. 


Favorite Movies?

The Matrix 

Independence Day



What books have you read that change your life?

In the Belly of the Beast
Harry Potter Series. J.K. Rowling is a creative genius.

What would you R3set?

I’d R3SET the healthcare system in America. We’ve become overdependent on pharmaceuticals, driving profit over taking care of the common man or woman. Monetarily and culturally we are over invested in paying attention to our health only when something is wrong, and underinvested in the pursuit of understanding, “what makes us optimal?”

I’d also R3SET the mainstream notion of  human civilization being 10,000 years old – 12,000 years old, progressing and advancing linearly. There are archeological sites that continue to unearth evidence of cultures and societies with civilized and organized ways of life dating back far further than we originally supposed. Still many more sites and megaliths are either A. unknown for how old they actually are or B. undiscovered. As evidence and research continues to pour in, we are continuously rewrite our past, and that plays a critical role in our future.

Crazy Indulgences

oh yeaaaa.


Secret Obsessions

Watching Starcraft 2 Esports


What are some of your most Memorable R3set Moments?

On a Mission Trip

I’ll never forget my mission trip to Guanaja, Honduras at 12 years old. We rebuilt a school that had been destroyed by a hurricane. It completely opened my eyes to the vastness of ways of life being expressed on our planet, and gave me a much different perspective on what was actually meaningful to me in my life. Looking up at the night sky out on a dock, the stars had never been so bright, and possibilities never so tangible.

Mono In College

After my bout with mono, (I got my ass kicked) I never felt the same. Sometimes, bad memories can lead to great personal triumphs. Mono set me on the path to exploring and understanding what personal wellness is.


What do you bring to the R3set Movement?

Professionally I bring a mix of right brain and left brain thinking; Project Management, Creative Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, Organizational productivity consulting, and a few others.

I’m driven by a desire to launch new business models and businesses that achieve sustainable profits and are regenerative in nature when it comes to the betterment of mankind.


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