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Listing Features

Those looking to explore SP3AK EASY can easily find what they are looking for, using various search and filter options, such as Storytellers, Stories, Resources, and more.

We encourage Listing owners to fill out their Listings as completely as possible, in order to extend their customer reach.

isting owners can provide various details to help users of our platform make better-informed decisions.

The following details are available to all Listing owners, regardless of their Listing package.

    • Name
    • Tagline
    • About
    • Amenities
    • Price Range
    • Email Address (Not publicly viewable)
    • Neighborhood
    • Address (Map / Driving Directions)
    • Open Hours
    • Related Listings

Tip: The higher you move up within the Listing packages, the more fields you unlock.

All Listings include a built-in contact form so people always have an easy way to reach out to Listing owners.

The email address used when signing up for SP3AK EASY, will be used as the default recipient address, but this can be changed at any time, by editing your account details.

Listing owners can have their address shown for quick reference.

Additionally, that location will be shown on a map, providing quick access to directions for users.

Listing owners can build up their reputation on SP3AK EASY, by accumulating positive ratings and reviews from customers. That said, everyone has to start somewhere and may not have their reputation built up.

Ratings and Reviews are always moderated and can only be submitted by registered users of SP3AK EASY.

Listing owners can include a Logo, to bring their own branding into their Listings. For those that have a Listing Package including Personalized Listing Support, we can help you get your Logo in place at no additional cost.

To help people easily reach Listing owners and to help get Listings found in search engines, NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) is critical information.

While including a Name is a given, Listings can contain the following information, in an actionable format (ex. click-to-call) where possible, to make things even more convenient for users of the platform. 

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Website

Links to Social Networks can be added to Listings. When a link is added the name of the network and the corresponding icon is automatically added. If someone chooses to click on one of the Social Networks, that network’s website will open in a new browser tab, so users can stay on the Listing.

Listing owners can include a link to one of their online videos (e.g. YouTube), which in turn embeds the video into their Listing.’

Video Examples:

  • Person or Organizational Introductions
  • Demonstrate Services
  • Testimonials
  • Product Overview
  • Tips and Tricks

Members gain access to Special Offers for services, products, and more. We are always on the hunt for strategic partnerships in order to bring more value to the community.

If you’re interested in potentially being a SP3AK EASY partner, please reach out.

Those with a qualifying Listing package will be able to link directly to their own website, from their Listing. This allows your organization to get even more exposure and run visitors through your own sales funnel if desired.

Calendly offers an easy, no-cost solution that allows people to schedule an appointment with you.

These appointments can sync up with your Google, Office 365, Outlook.com, Outlook, or Apple iCloud calendar.

It can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to fully set up and test Calendly for one user, depending on your technical level.

For those that have Calendly set up and a qualifying Listing package, they can easily add the booking functionality to their Listing by simply copying and pasting in their Calendly profile link.

Note: For those that have a Listing package including Personalized Listing Support, we can help you get your Calendly link added to your Listing and answer questions for no additional cost.

If you would like to hire us to assist with the actual set up of your account, you can do so by scheduling a Calendly appointment.

Image Galleries are essential for showcasing products, services, and more.

Up to 6 images can be uploaded to your gallery, for those with a qualifying Listing package.

Your image gallery also serves as your Listings cover image. This is the area at the top of your Listing that helps to quickly showcase what your Listing is about.

Note: If you do not upload any gallery images, we will automatically apply a default cover image to your Listing, using our branding.

For those who have purchased a qualifying Listing package, we offer 30-minute consultations to assist you with your Website.

We cover elements such as design, optimization, security, maintenance, ongoing support, etc.

Get your consultation started by scheduling an appointment with us.

Search Prominence 
Premium-level Listings appear above all Basic and Standard-level Listings in search.

Promoted Listings are the only Listings that are given more prominence in search, above Premium-level Listings.

Listing Prominence
Premium-level Listings appear on our Home page, and other high-traffic pages, for a time, giving them greater exposure.

Premium-level Listings will hold their spot on the high-traffic pages, for as long as it takes for new, Premium-level Listings or Promoted Listings to push them out.

In order to hold onto your Search and Listing Prominence longer or to help guarantee both, we recommend promoting your Listings.

Premium-level Listings are automatically granted “verified” status on our platform and will have a badge displayed so other members know those Listings mean business.

While we are always willing to help all of our members, those with a Premium-level membership can get hands-on assistance from our team.

To get started, please send us an email.

Listing Features

Listing Management

Members that are logged into our platform, can review Listings to help others make better-informed decisions.

As part of the reviews, users can give star-based ratings for specific areas, as well as give an overall star-based rating.

Listing owners can build up their reputation by accumulating positive ratings and reviews.

Everyone has to start somewhere and may not have their reputation built up, so not having any reviews isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Reviews are always moderated, can only be submitted by registered users, and Listing owners cannot review their own Listings.

Members can be rated by different criteria, depending on their particular Listing Type.


    • Overall Rating
    • Quality
    • Responsiveness


    • Overall Rating
    • Friendly Staff
    • Venue
    • Accessibility


Listings are tied to a subscription so as long as a Listing subscription is active, the Listings tied to that subscription will be as well.

Absolutely! Simply visit the Subscriptions area of your account dashboard, view the subscription you would like to change, and switch your plan.

Premium-level Listings appear above all Basic and Standard-level Listings in search.

Promoted Listings are the only Listings that are given more prominence in search, above Premium-level Listings.

We recommend promoting Listings to help guarantee the hold onto their Listing Prominence.

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