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EL3VATE Platform Pilot: Blackshires

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As a social and technology innovation company that focus is supporting community-based transformation for organizations, large companies, and municipalities, we are constantly seeking to implement that create change and impact. 

Team R3SET’s main objective is to use the culture of innovation to create tools and strategies that solve problems and bring communities closer together.

We envision a world where all people can share an inclusive economic system that supports the needs and passions of the community.  We are doing this by creating inclusive economic systems and technologies that empower thriving and resilient communities.

The Blackshires.net is a pilot of the Elevate Platform here in Berkshire County to “Help communities work better together while Elevating them to Success.”

The  Platform’s goal is to foster deep, trust-based relationships, as participating community stakeholders have the opportunity to realize more potential by working together.

 In its first Elevate Platform pilot phase, Blackshire.net, is an interactive directory, media initiative, and community development network highlighting black culture, organizations, businesses, people, and resources in Berkshire County in one central digital location.

Our goal at team R3SET goal is to bridge the communication and relationship gap between the Black community stakeholders and the more prominent community stakeholders in Berkshire county. In addition, the Blackshires.net pilot program is designed to facilitate learning by bringing community stakeholders together to share insights over time that will continue to improve the platform experience.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Joe Baker, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, Lori  Kelly, Berkshire Bank Foundation,  Jonathan Butler, President of 1 Berkshire, The Crane Foundation and Guardian Financial, Greylock Federal Credit Union, and the Blackshire’s activation team, Dubois Thomas, Ari Zorn, Chad Robertson, Sharron Frazier, Leigh Davis, and Mia Sherman.

Check out Dubois Thomas, President of Backshires, and Sharon Frazier, project champion of the Activation Team, discussing the exciting opportunity Blackshies.net brings to the Berkshire Black community.


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